Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Didi WadeDidi Wade
Lessons with Paul were super enjoyable and I felt myself progress so quickly in technique and confidence with him. I passed my test first time and couldnt have done it without him. I've tried lessons with many other companies but Paul was the best, definatley recommend!

Lucy MandallLucy Mandall
I would highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor. All my lessons were focussed and well planned based on my individual needs as a learner. Paul is experienced and knowledgable on all the test routes and I was never afraid to ask questions. He’s given me confidence to drive independently by encouraging general practice and skills on top of what’s needed for a driving test. He was patient and let me learn at my own pace by asking what I wanted to cover each lesson but also pushed me to move onto new things where needed. The experience was highly enjoyable from the start. Thank you very much Paul!

I completed a 15 hours intensive course with Paul over 5 days, having had a few lessons and driving experience in my own car previously. I felt completely comfortable and at ease during the lessons, which made the three hours of lessons a day go quickly and helped me advance at a faster rate.

On the test, I felt well prepared as no part was unfamiliar or a surprise as I had already completed the exact routes, roads and manoeuvres many times throughout the course, even though it was only over a short amount of time.
I would recommend Paul to anyone, as he has a clear and logical way of teaching, without patronising or making or you feel uncomfortable as I have experienced in the past. He will gently talk you through any mistakes and errors and how they can be corrected in a clear and helpful manner and help you progress at a fast rate.

Thank you so much!

I would like to say a massive thank you to Paul for helping me overcome my worry of driving. I was so nervous, thinking I would never be able to drive. Paul is so friendly, all my lessons were chilled and I felt at ease at all times. Very quickly I gained confidence and started to really enjoy my lessons. Would highly recommend him to all learners. Thanks Paul.

Megan GrayMegan Gray
Paul is without a doubt, the best driving instructor in the area and I would recommend him to anyone looking for lessons.
I took a 20-hour intensive course (test included) and passed first time with only 3 minors. While I had some previous experience before Paul taught me, all my manoeuvres were terrible, and I felt like I would never be able to park a car. Nonetheless, Paul managed to get all of them to test standard within a week. Paul is always ready to go with a flexible lesson plan for every single session. He has an experienced eye for knowing what you need to work on and improve, meaning you can progress really quickly (I’ve had a few instructors who didn’t have this skill, meaning you end up having lots of lessons and not getting anywhere!). If you want lessons where you will receive the highest quality driving tuition from an experienced instructor (while also having a laugh!) then he is the one! Thanks Paul, couldn’t have passed without your help! :-)

Hannah HollingsworthHannah Hollingsworth
Thank you for your help Paul! Couldn’t have done it without you, appreciate the patience. :-) You made me feel at ease, would highly recommend you to anyone! The lessons were always fun and full of information, you made me feel confident while driving.

Passed 1st time
The lessons I had throughout my time learning to drive I thought were very well structured and effective. I felt my instructor Paul made the most of the time I had and made sure I knew every possible test route and how to drive safely and properly. He was very helpful in booking my test aswell having confidence in me to book it after the first lesson, giving me something to work towards and allowing me to pass first time.

Doja OdunowoDoja Odunowo
Learning with Paul has been a smooth and enjoyable experience. When I started with Paul, I already had 20 hours’ worth of driving experience with another instructor but my confidence was lacking and I really struggled with the whole concept of changing gears and clutch control despite all the hours put in. Within the first few lessons, I gained my confidence and shortly after that clutch control and gear-changing were something that started to come very easily to me. I perfected all my manoeuvres and learnt all the test routes with Paul’s guidance. His teaching abilities are unparalleled. His easy going and calm nature really does put you at ease. He’s a very knowledgeable and thorough instructor and he makes sure you know everything you need to know sufficiently well to pass your test. But apart from knowing how to teach well, Paul as a person is great guy. Driving around with him is fun and the experience has been totally worth it. I 100% recommend. Thanks for everything Paul!

Krystal LawrieKrystal Lawrie
Passed 1st time
Paul is a terrific instructor and was able to accommodate my lessons within a short 2 and a half week timeline. His teaching technique suited me very well and he made me feel very comfortable and at ease whilst I was driving his car. I found the workbook and DVD to be very helpful, as I had little driving experience and hadn’t driven in over a year, I found it a great way to refresh my memory before I got back behind the wheel. I passed first time with no minors! I would highly recommend Paul.

Passed 1st time
Highly recommended is the easiest way to describe Paul. He knows what he’s doing. He is far from a robotic trainer, tailoring each lesson to your needs. He makes you feel at ease, knows how to motivate, explains clearly and, most importantly, got me to the right level with a semi-intensive course to pass first time with only two minors. Good company too!

I thought that the lessons with Paul were well planned and coordinated enabling me to progress significantly each lesson. I also found the book to be easy to read and understand, with it being most useful for the “Show me Tell me” questions/ answers and the explanations as to why people got minors in certain areas. Overall, I really enjoyed learning to drive with Paul and would recommend him to all my friends and fellow learners.

Learning to drive with Paul has been great! I wanted to pass my test as soon as possible and he was very accommodating when I wanted to fit lots of hours into a small time frame. Paul is extremely clear in his teaching and his patience made lessons go by very smoothly. We were always able to have a laugh which made each session stress free! The LDC resources available are a brilliant addition and I really valued the support they offered. Using Paul’s advice I was able to pass within 5 weeks, on my first attempt and I could not be happier! Thanks Paul!

Passed 1st time
Paul is a brilliant driving instructor who helped me to pass first time over the course of 6 months. He was reliable, friendly, and always patient, regardless of how the lesson was going! His teaching methods were easy to understand and I feel I gained important, additional driving knowledge as a result that will help me in the future. The LDC book and accompanying videos were useful in tracking my progress throughout the lessons. I always felt comfortable asking questions, regardless of how ridiculous those questions may seem now and so I would certainly recommend Paul. Thank You.

Passed 1st time
I passed first time with Paul after putting off driving for 2 years. I did the semi-intensive course, with lessons fitted around work and college. Each lesson was very useful and enjoyable and Paul made me feel at ease throughout. I would thoroughly recommend Paul as a driving instructor and I can’t thank him enough.

Claire WileyClaire Wiley
First Time Pass
Passed first time with Paul as my instructor, being an older learner I did find it quite scary and overwhelming at times. But my instructor made me feel at ease and pushed me to do things when he felt I needed it. I did a semi intensive course which was two, two hour lessons a week which fitted around my son nursery sessions. Couldn't recommend Paul enough, if he can teach me he can teach anyone 😆

Elisa WilliamsElisa Williams
Paul was the perfect driving instructor for me and I would highly recommend him to others. He made me feel comfortable and confident in the car. His teaching techniques were very easy to understand and get the hang of driving quickly which is what helped me to pass quickly and first time around.

Liam WilliamsLiam Williams
Passed 1st time
I started learning to drive with Paul just 6 days before my test and I passed first time. Paul was good at teaching me as he let me make mistakes and learn from them, his way of teaching was amazing and it worked perfectly for me. He made sure that we covered most of the test routes in the area which made me for familiar with which lanes to be which made me feel very confident for the test. He's a great guy to get on with which made me really comfortable in the car. I've enjoyed the past week with Paul and would highly recommend him to other people. Thank you very much for teaching me over this last week Paul!

Orla Brown Orla Brown
I started learning to drive with Paul in July and passed first time in December with no minors! I had 2 hour lessons which I would really recommend as it allows you to settle in to the lesson and you get a lot done in the time. Paul made me feel at ease even when I wasn't comfortable at times, especially doing hill starts! At first I thought that the manoeuvres were hard but he made them really simple with the reference points. Paul made sure that we covered all of the challenging routes around the test area, so I was familiar with them so I was ready for the test. I really enjoyed the lessons and would definitely recommend Paul.

Claire Hawkins Claire Hawkins
I was really nervous about learning to drive and at 33 years old I needed to find a suitable instructor, one that was patient, calm and wouldn't judge me! - I found him first time! Paul made me feel comfortable straight away, listened to my worries and eased me in gently... but we got moving really quickly! 2 hour lessons are a must as the time flies by and you can progress well in that time. 4 months later - I passed 1st time. Still can't believe it! I would highly recommend Paul as it was like driving about with a friend.. He has a way of explaining things that makes driving simpler and daunting manoeuvres easy. I still don't know how he remains so calm when you stall his car in the middle of a busy junction but he just makes it ok. Made me want to become a better driver and do him and myself proud. Love his car too! Thanks again Paul. Why didn't I learn sooner - driving is brilliant!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Laura GolderLaura Golder
I started to drive in june and passed first time in novemeber. I started all from scratch as I had no previous experience with anyone else. Paul started of with basic's about driving and as I got more confident he introduced me to manoeuvres, I found them difficult at first but after he showed me the different techniques and broke them down into sections I understood them and was able to complete them everytime. He was very patient when it come to thing I couldn't do and he found ways in which I could complete them and made me feel comfortable when doing them next time. He provided me with A book that I would use to recape the lesson and also learn something that will help me towards the next lesson as well. I would recommend him to everyone because he made me enjoy driving and learn everything I need to know in future. He's easy to get on with and makes you feel comfortable with everything you do. Thank you Paul.

Paul is a fantastic instructor who challenged me every lesson - something which I believe contributed to my first time pass success. I chose to do the 20 hour midway course, due to completing around 20 hours of driving lessons previously with another school, so would recommend this course to someone with a fair amount of driving experience already. Every lesson Paul would ask me if I was unsure about anything e.g. any of the manoeuvres or complex roundabouts, and if I had queries he would thoroughly address them and ensure I practiced them until I was totally confident. An extremely patient and friendly instructor, I always felt comfortable and at ease with Paul, which enabled me to keep calm and not panic if an unexpected situation were to arise when on a lesson. I would certainly recommend Paul as an instructor. Thanks for all your help Paul!

Susy WilliamsSusy Williams
Paul has been an excellent driving instructor for me, leading to a successful test. I learnt over 4 months with him and enjoyed every lesson. The lessons were both fun and challenging, which pushed me to become a better driver. Paul (for me, at least) made driving much less daunting within the first lessons and then continued to help me improve my driving skills, so thank you!

Nira Nira
Yay! I passed!
I really appreciated that you took the time to find strategies to support my specific needs (i.e. Dyslexia and "Road Anxiety") and kept giving confidence boosting messages that helped me to have confidence in my driving skills. I found the LDC instructional videos extremely helpful. The methodical approach covering each specific area and being accessible at home allowed me to rehearse driving routines even when not on the road. Kudos to you, keep up the good work!

Beckie JohnsonBeckie Johnson
Huge thank you to Paul Hulbert, passed my driving test first time with only 22 hours of driving tuition. He has the patience of a saint (he needed it with me) he was friendly and reliable. I went into each lesson with massive nerves but Paul put me right at ease. I highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you :)

I used the LDC book and DVD which I found useful to set out each stage of the development into learning to drive. Paul used the DVD and book to explain what I would be learning the following lesson in able for me to have some form of knowledge and understanding. He set out targets and objective before each lesson and always explained things in alternative ways if I misunderstood. After each lesson we had a debrief which allowed me to evaluate my drive. Passed first time with no minors!

Will CoxWill Cox
I would just like to thank Paul Hulbert for getting me through my driving test He put me at ease as soon as I sat in the car and his relaxed way of teaching was great I would definitely recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive Thanks Paul.

I started learning to drive with Paul in December. I had previous driving experience with another driving school but after learning with them for five months and not being able to make any time for me it was a breath of fresh air to know that Paul could always fit me in. Due to the constant change in my work hours, Paul was able to book me a two hour lesson to fit around my timetable every week. I passed first time in February having had ten two hour lessons. When I first met Paul, he was very friendly and made me feel at ease when I got into the car. We went through the things I could already do and focused on the things which needed more work. It was really nice having time to practice manoeuvres, do independent driving and go round some of the test routes. Even though I struggle with some things because of my dyslexia, Paul was very understanding and helped me find ways that I could understand it better. He offered to put the independent driving routes onto coloured paper so it was easier for me to understand. All in all I am so glad that I decided to go with Paul as I have now passed and feel confident with my driving. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone. Thanks Paul!!

I started driving in July when i turned 17 and have now past my test first time round! This is due to the fantastic teaching methods taught by Paul. I had no previous driving experience before hand and from the very first lesson to the very last he made me feel at ease when driving, which made my driving lessons enjoyable. I am a nervous person however, driving just came natural just like i had been driving for longer period of time. He was very patient when learning new aspects to driving for example, manoeuvres. Breaking them down, step by step making them seem easy and rememberable. The book and DVD he provided were very useful however, I much preferred the DVD so I could practically see how things were done. I used to watch parts of the DVD before I would go on a lesson so I had a rough Idea of what I would be doing whilst refreshing what I had done in the previous lesson. I was feeling nervous as it got closer and closer to my test, as most people would, but paul told me to treat it just as another driving lesson with a different instructor. We did all the driving routes as a practise before hand so which ever route i got it wouldn't have come as a shock to me which then made me feel more confident. During the test I then felt I can be a competent driver just like I am in lessons so I then began to enjoy it. Thanks to Paul I passed my test first time and really enjoyed it therefore I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive! Thanks Paul

Russell KempRussell Kemp
I really enjoyed learning with LDC. the intensive method with its structuring of the tuition plus it's supporting DVD and book really suited me.. they helped explain the theory side and not just the practical. My instructor was always friendly, approachable and patient. He would answer any queries I had and made me feel confident about my ability to pass.

Big thank you to Paul for helping me past my test third time round! I had taken my lesson with other driving schools. After three years I decided to take my lessons again with a new company and choose Paul... best decision I made. He help me build on what I failed on and improve. I can honestly say that Paul's methods really helped me. He is also has a really calm nature so helped me with my nerves. He taught me how to drive as opposed to just teaching me to pass my test. He always made me feel comfortable to ask questions if I didn't understand something. I took my test within 8 lessons of driving with Paul, and this time I passed. I would highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor.

Tabatha WrightTabatha Wright
I did a semi-intensive 30 hour course with Paul. I was nervous going into it because I had no previous driving experience but Pauls method was great. He chucks you in the deep end and after the first lesson I was already able to drive home. He takes the practical approach with is great if you get bored listening to someone lecturing you constantly! He has a way to make you feel confident in your driving because he does believe in you. The LDC book and DVD are a great way to recap on the things taught in his lessons and the DVD is great if you don't want to read. Pauls fun, friendly and gets the job done, I'd recommend him to anyone!

Victoria HardyVictoria Hardy
When I first contacted Paul he was very friendly and visited me for a consultation, discussing my previous experience, time and availability, this personal visit gave a nice personal touch compared to other companies which just bombard you with emails. I chose a semi-intensive 30 hour course, which worked out best for me. Paul made me feel relaxed in lessons, and I never went home feeling anxious or worried about anything - quite the opposite. I felt comfortable to ask Paul any question about driving and was never made to feel like the question wasn't worth asking. Paul took me round all the roads which are used on the test routes and gave me lots of useful tips. On the day of the test I felt nervous but soon realised I had driven most of the roads before so felt extremely well prepared and passed first time. In addition to Paul's good teaching skills the LDC book and DVD was extremely helpful and meant I was able to spend more time driving in the car rather than discussing how to do things during the lessons. - I am a very happy customer - Thank you very much Paul!

Paul has been fantastic. He has made me feel relaxed with his friendly personality and has been patient whilst I have been learning. During the course of me learning how to drive, Paul has made it so easy to understand the more technical aspects, like manoeuvres and if I have made mistakes, he has made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to keep going. The DVD's and books he has provided have been top class and in general the whole learning experience has been enjoyable. I passed my test today with Pauls help and would really like to recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Thanks Paul!

I started learning to drive with Paul in February, I'd had no previous driving experience and was quite nervous about starting to learn to drive. Paul was very patient and made me feel at ease and confident in the car. Because my work dates and times would always change it was brilliant that we could fit my lessons around my work timetable. I really enjoyed my lessons which were two hours a time, I felt that they were the perfect length of time, I had enough time to practice maneuvers and do some independent driving. The book and DVD combo were really helpful although I personally preferred using the book. I had 22hours in the car, during the lessons we would go through test routes and practice independent driving which was brilliant practice for my test. I was amazed at how quickly the time went by before my test. Paul made my test day seem very calm and like it was a normal driving lesson, it was really great that I got to practice a few of my maneuvers before my test it really put me at ease. Thanks to Paul I passed first time and really enjoyed every moment of it.

Kerry ScruttonKerry Scrutton
Having waited until my thirties to get my licence, I was very nervous about learning to drive. I did the semi-intensive driving course, doing the 2 hour lessons twice a week was the ideal way to learn. Paul was very patient and calm and he helped me to relax and really enjoy the lessons. Watching the dvd and using the workbook before lessons helped me to know what I was going to be doing in the forthcoming lesson and made me feel better prepared. I was convinced my nerves would get the better of me when I was doing my driving test, but Paul told me to treat it like any other lesson, just with a different driving instuctor. After a few minutes of starting my test, I relaxed and began to enjoy it. I really wanted to prove that I could drive safely and competently. With the help of Paul and the LD system I passed my test and am really enjoying my new found independence. Thank you

Stephanie PetersStephanie Peters
Paul is a fantastic instructor for anyone looking to start from scratch or if like me your getting back into driving after a long break. Paul is patien and doesnt mind taking the extra time to make sure everything is fully understood before moving on to the next step. I had previously done a number tests and always failed with a few minor faults but also one serious mainly down to manoevures. The LDC system is a very effective method as it saves alot of time sat on the roadside explaining, Paul much prefers to have you using every minute possible of your lesson. If you are looking for a friendly, patient and cost effective instructor i cant reccomend Paul enough i had nearly given up on driving but im proof that when u get the right intsructor it makes a world of difference. Paul is professional and wants to get you to test standard in the right time frame for you, i took the semi intensive course which was spread out over 20 hours and this was ideal for me because it breaks down into two two hour lessons each week. This was enough time to learn everything needed to get to test standard as well as having a break in between lessons. Thankyou Paul for all your work getting me to pass !!